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Risk management is all about minimizing unfortunate incidences and maximizing opportunities. One important strategy of risk management is to transfer the risk to a party, which can handle the potential risks professionally.

Through our financial strength, local office network, BIAB International AB takes over the role of a comprehensive risk management partner. We secure and safeguard business transactions for suppliers and customers, leading to safe business dealings for all parties.

This means that BIAB International AB takes care of the complete process from receiving orders until safe delivery of goods to final destinations. We do our utmost to earn our customers satisfaction.


One of the most important components of import and export are logistics solutions. It is well-known that freight and shipping charges quite often represent a considerable part of the total business transaction.

Both our head office in Gothenburg and our branch office in Hangzhou deals with shipments on a daily basis and thanks to well established shipping partners, frequent shipments and logistical combinations, we are in the position to negotiate very competitive logistics solutions. Advantages, which are directly transferred to our customers.


Every aspect, from manufacturing of the products to inspection, packing, freight-booking, customs clearance is carried out professionally. The customer is continuously kept updated with the delivery process.


BIAB International has established a special unit for Refugee Relief and Emergency Aid at our China office.

With this unit we offer emergency supply services to relief organisations, governments and NGOS, ranging from medical kits (trauma, first aid), school kits, blankets, jerry cans, tents, prefabricated containers and emergency kitchen equipment to match customized solutions and specific requirements.

To a certain degree BIAB International AB has stock of some products in order to fulfil the first requirements of an emergency situation.