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Ear Protecter/earplug
August 8, 2016
Collapsible water tank
Collapsible water tank
August 8, 2016
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Water tank

LLDPE Water tank

Description: Vertical LLDPE Water storage tank

Area of use: For transportation, storage and distribution of water

Temperature resistance: From -40 degree to +60 degree

Quality standard: Food standard

Capacity: indicate as below


Capacity Weight
500L 10KG
1000L 20KG
2000L 40KG
5000L 120KG
8000L 200KG
10000L 250KG
15000L 420KG
20000L 560KG


Material: UV stabilized, liner low density polyethylene(LLDPE)

Features:     Monoblock body, No welding or rivets.

Vertical cylindrical type

Durable, hygienic, odour free and maintenance free

Can be cleaned easily with water