BIAB International has developed its own Innovation department in order to be proactive within the field of humanitarian aid. Our goal is to play an active role in supporting and supplying the humanitarian organizations with more innovative solutions in their efforts to assist the people in need. We strive to provide innovative, but well in use solutions to our customers, enabling them to carry out their fine work even more efficiently, cost effectively and environment friendly.

To meet the needs we continuously search for new products and collaborations and in cases we find interesting solutions we test them to get them approved by the organizations we serve.

Let us serve you better

Throughout the years we have experienced an increasing need of All in one package - solutions, tailored for diverse sectors and situational needs. Today we can offer a wide range of both standard kits as well as we offer custom-made comprehensive supplies, this in order to match the requirements of each organization. When and where applicable, products of Universal designs are supplied, e.g. items which can also be used by those who are suffering of any disability and that the same products fulfil the requirements Worldwide.

Our kits


Our innovative collaborations with the Swedish company Svensson

Swedish company Svensson develops and manufactures textiles with outstanding design and function. Svensson is not only the world’s leading manufacturer of climate screens for professional greenhouses, but also in the forefront of development and innovation of technical sun protection solutions for facilities such as tents, prefabricated houses and containers.

BIAB International supplies tents for shelter, clinics, rub halls and camping purposes to both UN and International NGOs. In order to reduce the indoor temperature our tents are supplied with Svenssons´s extra roofing called Technical Reflective Screen, SOLARO.

SOLARO screens advantages

SOLARO screens have the following advantages

  • Reflect solar radiation and lower inner temperatures of the facility, which reduces the air conditioner costs
  • Keeps the inside temperature longer which reduces heating costs
  • Improves air transportation and ventilation due to the open structure of the screen
  • Provide effective shading of outdoor growing by providing more light, lower temperatures and reduces water consumption

Tests shows that the inner temperatures decrease by six degrees Celsius (6°C).


From waste to electricity

Two problems - One Solution. Againity addresses two global problems: Growing landfills and waste of heat energy.

Againity is a Swedish innovative company that offers container-based waste-to-energy plants. Againity´s small-scale solutions turns heat into value. The heat runs a turbine system producing electricity and hot water. The hot water can be used for heating, as tap water for showers/cooking, for freshwater generator, turning river water into drinking water, or an absorption chiller producing cooling for e.g food/medication storage.

In collaboration with Againity, BIAB international offers complete and customized waste-to-energy solutions to UN organizations and NGOs, solutions with high grade of automation to support operations with local personnel with limited experience.

Main advantages

The container-based and modular system makes the plant easy to scale up or move to other locations when needed.

Againity offers seven standard sizes from 20 to 2500 kW electricity, but since the systems are built as modules they can be easily combined and the maximum power output is thus unlimited.

The advantages with the Againity technology are many. Beside the possibility to utilize waste, that can not be re-used or prevented, into energy recovery, there are many positive environmental and health effects that Againity technology brings to the local society.