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  • Dispensary tent 27.5m2

    Fabric: Canvas of polycotton 440g/m2 Ground strips of PVC coated polyester 600g/m2 Velcro strips on both sides for logo attachment

    Size: 5.5m x 5m x 2.5m center height; 1.8m side height Entrance at each end by total gable opening; 4 triangular shaped windows with shutters; 20 elastic tighteners; 4 storm guy ropes.

    Logo printing: Customization

    Packing: In one single PVC bag with 6 carrying handles

    Weight(kg): 130kg

    Volume: 0.38m3

  • Family tent 16m

    Material: Outer tent: polycotton 60/40; Inner tent: polycotton 60/40; Ground sheet: PE 18091m;

    Size: 4mx4m. center height: 2.2m, side height: 1.25m

    Frame: steel poles

    Colours: various colours for selection

    Logo printing: Customization

    Weight(kg): 55kg

    Volume: 0.22m3

  • Hospital tent 88m2

    Alternative type for emergency field hospital.

    Material: Cover made Of PVC coated polyester; self-extinguishing; fully waterproof; rot-proof; UV resistance.

    Size: 5.5m x 2m x 16m

    Frame: Steel frame.

    Colours: Various colours for selection

    Logo printing: customization

    Weight(kg): 850kg

    Volume: 1.7m3

  • Multi purpose tent, polycotton, 45m2

    Material: Polycotton

    Size: Outer tent: 7.5x6m x 3m; Side height 2.1m

    Inner tent: 7.1 x 5.8m x 2.9m; Side height 2.0m

    Doors(4): At each end with fast opening/closing system and at each side. Full width opening possible on both ends.

    Windows(4): High ventilation windows

    Frame: Aluminium frame with 40x2mm pipes and steel connectors

    Colours: Various colours for selection

    Logo printing: Customization

    Weight(kg): 194kg

    Volume: 0.48m3

    Option: Groundsheet; customization logo

  • Tent for cold climate, 24m2

    Material: Polycotton for main tent

    Ground sheet coated: PES 450 gr/m:

    Inner fly: cotton 200 gr./m

    Size: 24 m: : Center Height: 240 cm: Side

    Height: 125 cm

    Poles: Aluminium The roof is prepared for a stove chimney apron to be installed, whenever that is required.

    Accessories: Pegs, hammer, ropes, ground sheet, instruction manual

    Weight: 91.9kg

    Volume: 0.18m3

    Colour: White/Blue / Green

    Logo printing: Customization

    Remark: Same type of tent for warm climate. The warm climate tent is not equipped with inner lining, but has large fly-screened windows.

  • Tent multipurpose, 32m2

    Material: 100% cotton Composed by external tent, groundsheet

    Size: 5.82mX5.10m Galvanized tubular steel (Diameter 28x1mm) 6 windows and 2 doors, provided with mosquitoes net

    Logo printing: Customization

    Weight(kg): 157kg

    Volume: 0,74m3

  • Tent ridge double fly, double fold, 16m2 (4X4m)

    Material: Cotton canvas or polycotton fabric for selection; waterproof mud flap and ground sheet; PE waterproof

    Size: 4mx4m; center height 2.1m; side height O.9m

    Frame: Ridge type steel pole

    Colours: various colours for selection

    Logo printing: customization

    Weight(kg): 22kg

    Volume: 0.13m3

    Option: Tent Ridge double fly, double fold, 12m2 (4X3m) for selection

  • Tunnel tent

    Material: Fly, woven rip stop polyester, waterproof

    Inner: polycotton, fire-resistance

    Groundsheet: PE or PVC for selection

    Size: 5.5m length, 3.45m width, 2.1m center height

    Frame: Fibre glass pole, Diameter 15mm

    Colour: White

    Logo printing: Customization

    Weight(kg): 40.2 kg

    Volume: 0.13m3

  • Warehouse tent, 240m2

    Material: Polyester with PVC coating; waterproof; rot-proof; UV resistant

    Size: 10m x 24m x 3.35m Ridge height is 5.85m.

    Door size: 4.5m x 4.1m

    Frame: Steel frame

    Colours: Various colours for selection Several height are available

    Length: Extended per 6m.

    Logo printing: customization

    Option size: 24m x 10m,26m x 11m, 20m x 50m