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July 15, 2016
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July 15, 2016
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Shelter tool kit

Material: Polypropylene. black, 12mm diam., twisted.
Size: Dia.12mm +/- 0.5mm, Length: 30m

Material: Carpenter handsaw,
Size: 400-450mm blade, lacquered, overall length 550mm +/-50mm

Material: Galvanized with watertight rubber washer, umbrella type
Type: iron nails. For roof sheeting use.

Material: Pressed carbon-steel hardened and tempered.
Round point with Y handle.

Hoe with long handle
Material: hot forged carbon steel, hardened and tempered.

Material: steel, Size: curved blade, 405mm/16″, lacquered against oxidation, overall length 55cm, blade thickness: 2.5mm thick with 3 grooves

Material: Straight, for metal sheet, Size: semi-hard 0.8mm max, 260mm
Type, tin snips for intensive use and easy maintenance
Nail Material: Iron, for wood

Claw hammer
Material: high-carbon steel head, treated to achieve a martensitic structure, with dressed striking faces
Type: carpenter hammer, head and handle, hammer head with flat and claw side

Polypropylene bag
Material: new, woven polypropylene (PP). 80g/m: minimum both sides coated with PE or PP.
Size: 1300x400mm +/- 1Omm

Packing: in a carton box.

Option: camping kit and PPE kit

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