What we do

We supply our customers the products they need under the main principles of best value for money, life cycle cost, sustainability, environment and innovation. We take care of the complete process from receiving inquiries, matchmaking of products to the needs, product development and safe deliveries to final destinations anywhere in the world. Risk management is one of the key components in our dealings.

Why choose us?

Partner network

Through our extensive network of pre-selected manufacturers and logistics providers, we are able to secure the best business deals.

Supply chain

We take overall responsibility for product supply, complex and global deliveries: warehousing, packaging, and distribution.

Financial fundament

BIAB International has constantly received the highest credit worthiness, rated AAA by Dun & Bradstreet.

Risk management

We are fully equipped to handle transactional, logistics, and financial risks, and bear the potential transactional risks.

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We are constantly striving to supply more innovative, environment friendly and sustainable solutions.

Standards and Quality

We are an ISO Certified company

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  • ISO 9001 certification logo