Who we are

We are a Swedish company and have been in the commodity supply business since 1980. During our forty years of operations, we have gained valuable experience and extended our product portfolio gradually, whilst supplying high-quality products with personal service at competitive prices.

With our diversified product portfolio, we attract new customer categories. Currently, we supply to the United Nations, to Non-Governmental Organizations, local government authorities, and to private entities.

In our dealings, we give the highest priorities to the principles of (BVM) best value for money, life cycle costs, environment, and to sustainability. No destination is too remote for our logistics partners. We deliver products to all parts of the world, fully insured.

Our values

Our customers

The United Nations

The UN organizations need high quality products at the most competitive prices and with the shortest possible time of delivery. This is one of the core business of BIAB INTERNATIONAL. We deliver a full spectrum of products ranging from standard to premium products to suit the prevailing conditions where the products are used.


There are a large number of NGOs worldwide, each specializing in its own field. Quite often, NGOs require emergency related products. Through our four decades long experience, we have built a large network of prequalified manufacturers in this field through which we can easily meet different NGOs ’ requirements. Where and when applicable, we also offer alternative products and solutions to comply to Universal design strategy, making products usable by everyone and everywhere.

Local governments & authorities

Local governments and authorities require products in different fields. They are also in need of customized kits in various areas. We prepare kits to match the needs and we also prepare consolidated shipments.

Commercial entities

We offer favorable financial solutions and function as an overall risk management provider, with carefully inspected products under production and prior to shipments. We believe in achieving common goals to earn satisfaction of end users.

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