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After 40 years in the supply business, BIAB International has developed an extensive network of pre-selected manufacturers, joint-venture manufacturing agreements of selected items. Our logistic partners enable us to effectively serve customers around the globe.

Our services

Procurement & Sourcing

Our business concept is, we supply the products you need. Through our experienced staff and extensive network of selected and trustworthy manufacturers we secure the best business possible deals for our clients.


When and where necessary and applicable, we are able to provide warehousing and stock holding facilities. We have experience of keeping White stocks, especially under running LTA:S (Long Terms Supply Arrangements).

Fulfillment & Kit-solutions

We provide kit-solutions to match your specific requirements. Our responsibility is to cover all your needs in the most cost effective manner. We take over the risk management.


Through our global network of logistical partners, distribution hubs and fulfillment, we offer efficient and fast logistic solution to destinations all over the world.

Risk Management

Through our financial strength, local office network, BIAB International AB takes over the role of a comprehensive risk management partner. We secure and safeguard business transactions for the customers, leading to safe business dealings.

Emergency Response

We response to emergency requirement in various fields, ranging from medical supplies such as PPE-kits, trauma-kits, first aid-kits to school and education supplies, travel and camping kits, etc.

Our areas of focus

Construction Materials

Education & Recreation

Emergency Relief

Tools & Agriculture

Protective Equipment


Storage & Packaging

Sanitation & Hygiene

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